Super Bowl Sunday Edition

 Delivering MVP Performances

Two years ago (+4 days), Tom Brady delivered his fourth Lombardi trophy to the city of Boston while Mom delivered me at Virginia Hospital. Unlike football fans and pundits who debate the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) in the NFL, there’s no question who delivered the best moment of 2015 – Mom. After today, Touchdown Tommy will put the doubters to rest and he’ll be considered the Michael Jordan of the NFL – GOAT!

This post serves a secondary purpose as well – let the world know how I stack up against Tom and allow for some of those friends and family no on Facebook or the gram see some videos of me.

You wouldn’t believe how much we have in common. My mom, Bridget shares the name of your first baby mama. Bridget Moynihan, who gave birth to a boy – named Jack. You then named your second child Benjamin – same name as my Dad. This is just weird.

Controlling the Huddle: Jack > Tom

  • Tom: Understandably deserves credit for being an great on the field general and leading his team to countless victories.
  • Jack: But no one controls a huddle or commands attention of those in attendance quite like I am able to do.

Pettiness (cry baby): Jack > Tom

Size: Jack > Tom

  • Jack: 35 1/4 inches tall (71%) x 27 pounds 1o ounces (60%) x  19 1/8 inches head circumference. Doctors say I’m measuring well.
  • Tom: Draft experts described Tom Brady as Poor Build, Skinny, Lacks great physical stature and strength, Lacks mobility, Lacks a really strong arm, Can’t drive a team down the field

Image result for tom brady combine analysis

Speed: Jack > Tom

  • Tom: Check out his NFL combine 40 yard dash where he clocked a 5.28. Haha
  • Jack: Nightly Rivercrest 5K says it all. Watch me smoke my cousin Hayden who’s 5 years older than me.

Arm Strength: Jack > Tom

  • Tom: Good arm, but draft experts say he lacked strong arm.
  • Jack: Has a cannon. Will likely contest Tom’s GOAT status if he doesn’t decide to go with baseball after being drafted out of high school. Tom’s record is probably safe since concussion are scaring everyone away from the gridiron.

Strength and Physicality: Jack > Tom

  • Tom: Draft experts claim he’s never seen the inside of a weight room.
  • Jack: Discovered weight room early

Money: Tom > Jack

  • Tom: Makes millions a year playing football and with endorsements. Not going lie…Uggs is quite a weird sponsor for you Tom.
  • Jack: Raises thousands of dollars for cystic fibrosis.

Agility: Jack > Tom

  • Tom: probably does yoga and has a good downward dog.
  • Jack: you probably can’t tell based on this video, but experts suggest I display an uncanny ability to maintain balance in this video.

Ability to Power through Defenders: Jack > Tom

  • Tom: Really good at going for it on fourth and ones. Probably the best of all time.
  • Jack: Video here shows my ability to power through a defender and than use my speed to get out into to the open and outrun the defense for a score.

Vertical Jump: Jack > Tom

  • Tom: 24 1/2 inch vertical. 
  • Jack: Probably 36 inches.

Getting ready for Baseball

Pitchers and catchers report in 8 days. Working on my switch hitting.

Best of luck tonight Tom. Not everyone can be blessed with these God given abilities. Bring home number five! Silence all the skeptics who still don’t consider you the GOAT yet. Me, Mom, and Dad will be watching – just like 2 years ago.

Super Bowl Sunday Edition